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Parenting Information

Parenting plans:

The Parenting Plan Checklist will help you to get a comprehensive idea of what Parenting Plans should cover.

View a Sample of a Parenting Plan by clicking here.

Contested custody issues:

Read about what to expect and keep in mind when the Custody of Your Child or children will be a contested issue in your divorce here.

Every family is different. In some situations children have an absent parent making upbringing challenging. Many use email and address searches to find a person for financial restitution.

Holiday parenting schedule:

Click here to find the Holiday Parenting Schedule. This chart will help you organize a custody schedule of your children during the holidays. Also included are helpful tips in creating this plan.

When your child is with the other parent:

An insightful article in helping parents to deal with the sense of loss when your child or children leave to visit the other parent, can be found here.