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Divorce Mediation

What is divorce mediation?

Divorce Mediation and Custody Mediation are a way to resolve your divorce or custody dispute which lets you keep full control of the outcome. The only people making decisions are those involved in the dispute, unlike arbitration or litigation where a judge or an arbitrator makes the final decision.

Divorce Mediation and custody mediation typically consists of several joint meetings between spouses (or parents, if you are not married) which last 3-4 hours each. During those meetings, you and your spouse discuss the issues which need to be resolved in your case. The mediator is there to facilitate the discussion, assist with communication, provide information and suggestions, and use specialized training to assist the two of you to resolve your differences and write up an agreement which is fair to both of you, and, if you have children, in their best interests as well.

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Frequently asked questions about divorce mediation

Please click here for the answers for frequently asked questions about the divorce mediation process.

Preparing for divorce mediation:

Divorce mediation is most efficient when you come to your mediation session prepared with some basic information. The better informed you are about your assets, liabilities, children's schedules, and your goals for the outcome of your situation, the more progress we can make in your mediation session.

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Divorce court vs. divorce mediation:

You'll find here a comparison of the traditional divorce litigation process versus choosing to divorce through mediation.

Comparing the Costs of litigation vs. mediation

Another great advantage of divorce mediation is its cost effectiveness. You'll find here a cost comparison between litigation and mediation.